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SportsMed® Reformer

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Designed specifically for athletes, sports medicine and rehabilitation, our SportsMed® Reformer and SportsMed Total Workout System® frames are taller and longer, with an expanded carriage surface and seven-position footbar.

A jumbo jump board, removable side-split platform and a full complement of accessories complete the package.

Solid oak frame and legs

8 wheel ultraglide carriage

Swivel ropes with adjustable risers

4 position gear system

5 spring system:

2 light (blue)

2 medium (yellow)

1 heavy (red)

7 position footbar with deluxe wraparound cover


Accessories Included:


Large long/short box 111in H x 16in W x 29in L

Foot Loops

Straps and handles

Gear Block

Removable side-split platform

Jumbo Jumpboard

Pad and Pillow set with short box bar

2 - 1in alignment pillows

1 - 2in head support pillow

One large non-slip pad

Short box bar


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