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SportsMed® Total Workout System

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Designed specifically for athletes, sports medicine and rehabilitation, the SportsMed Total Workout System combines a taller and longer frame, expanded carriage surface and seven-position foot bar with our original Reformer/half Cadillac combination design. It transitions effortlessly into multiple exercise modes with Peak Pilates® exclusive quick-conversion hinged carriage with no removable parts, Twin Mat System for ease of use and storage, and adjustable ropes with retractable risers. A Jumbo Jump Board, removable Side Split Platform and a full complement of accessories complete the package.



Reformer Features:

Solid oak frame and legs
8 wheel ultra glide carriage
Swivel ropes with adjustable risers
4 position gear system
5 spring system: 2 light (blue); 2 medium (yellow); 1 heavy (red)
7 position foot bar with deluxe wraparound cover


Cadillac Features:

Hardwood push-through and roll down bars
Complete strap system
Foot/hand loops (pair)
Push-through storage strap
Chromed steel pole system w/multiple stationary settings

Complete Spring System: 2 arm springs; 2 leg springs; 2 push-through springs
2 safety chains
1 spring cover
Twin Mat Quick Conversion System

Accessories Included:
Standard long/short box 91in H x 16in W x 271in L
Jump board
Long spine extension straps
Straps and handles
Gear block

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