Możemy dostarczyć wielu powodów, dlaczego Peak Pilates jest najlepszy. Jednak najlepiej gdy przeczytasz nasze referencje lub zadzwoń do nas, a dostarczymy Ci listę klubów gdzie mógłbyś "przetestować" sprzęt. Nas wyróżnia równowaga miedzy tradycją a innowacją. Wielu Instruktorów mówi że czują różnicę podczas i po treningu.


“Thank you to all for making our Pilates training such a great experience. Reflecting back on all that we accomplished it becomes clear there was never anything to lose in taking this course. Our cohesive group dynamic is not always an easy thing to find and what a pleasure it has been to come to know all of you.”

Lisa Miller, PPS-II Certified Instructor, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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“We had the great pleasure of visiting your facility, meeting the people and seeing the pride each person takes in their job. The fine craftsmanship shows the talent, commitment to quality and heart that goes into every piece of equipment made. Our clients love your equipment as much as we do.”

Terri and Michael Crayne, Pilates Zone, Mansfield, Texas

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“I use the MVe Chair just about everyday. I can't walk by it with out doing at least a few sets of footwork. It is so easy to use and adjust. You can flow from one exercise to another without having to crawl under the machine to adjust the springs. The construction is very durable and it is move around. I love it.”

Mary Jane Kleiman, Pilates in Paradise, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

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