Quality. Durability. Innovation. From classic, handcrafted wood and bamboo equipment to a new breed of technologically-advanced designs, Peak Pilates® offers a comprehensive line of equipment designed to suit the unique needs of your facility. Our staff of experts will work with you to provide initial space assessments and ROI scenarios, instructor education and programming support and marketing communications tools to help you make your program a success.

Our Customer Care

Have questions? Need advice on what training or product is right for you? Three ways to connect.

  • 1 Email Us Your Product Feedback
  • sales@peakpilates.com
  • We value the feedback we get from our customers. So, suggest away... and let us know what you think.
  • 2 Email Us Your Thoughts and Ideas
  • customerservice@peakpilates.com
  • Your ideas and suggestions keep us learning and growing and producing the best Pilates products and education.
  • 3 Call us at (800)-925-3674 or (303)-998-1531
  • Our customer service representatives are available to take your call.

For information about placing orders outside the United States, please visit the International Ordering page.

Instant answers to frequently asked questions are available by clicking here.

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