MVe® Chair and DVDs Earn 4-Star Reviews

MVe line receives rave reviews from popular source in Pilates

Peak Pilates® recently received a four-star review from Marguerite Ogle, guide to Pilates at Ogle reviewed the MVe Chair and its accompanying DVDs for a recent issue of her online newsletter.

“MVe stands for maximum versatility exercise, and Peak Pilates hit that mark with the MVe Pilates chair,” said Ogle in her online review. “Sleeker, lighter and easier to store than traditional Pilates chairs, the MVe Pilates chair has a lot going for it,” she said.

The MVe Chair is designed for studio, gym, and home use and was created for the health and fitness market. MVe combines Peak Pilates’ patented Pilates equipment synergized with heart-pumping, music-driven fusion workouts with an appeal that spans demographics, skill levels and abilities.

Ogle on the MVe’s spring-changing system:

“My favorite thing about the MVe is how easy it is to change the spring tension. No more walking around to the back of the chair to add or remove springs; you choose one of four settings using a sliding control at the front of the chair. This one improvement truly enhances the flow of a workout.”

Ogle on the MVe’s size:

“I like the open design and size of the MVe. The open frame, which allows you to wrap your legs around the frame for stability or slide them under for floor work, creates some new exercise options.”

Ogle on the MVe’s pedal:

“The pedal has a nice, quite glide to it. I like that a lot. It’s also longer than that of a traditional chair, which is good for side-bending and twisting exercises where flexibility in hand or foot placement is helpful.”

Ogle on MVe education:

“Classes are the way to use the Pilates chair. Peak Pilates MVe teacher training courses, and follow-up DVDs, are making MVe workouts available at many gyms as well as Pilates studios. Start with a class, and then move on to an MVe of your own.”

Ogle’s entire review can be found by visiting

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