Peak Reformer Steals the Scene in "Juno"

Pilates reformer has small scene in big-"little" movie

A Peak Pilates® reformer has a small but memorable role in the critically-acclaimed film "Juno," in theatres now. Borrowed especially from Peak by Fox Searchlight last year, the reformer plays a subtle—yet crucial—role in its brief appearance.

The movie follows the story of Juno (Ellen Page), a teenage girl who learns she is pregnant. After considering her alternatives, Juno decides to give up her baby for adoption. She finds a young, suburban yuppie couple, played by Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman.

Upon meeting the couple for the first time, Juno, accompanied by her father (J.K. Simmons), awkwardly discusses the legalities of the pending adoption. Juno’s father distractedly asks what the device sitting in her living room is. Garner’s character nonchalantly replies that it is a Pilates machine. His puzzled response: "What do you make with that?"

While the scene is humorous and the father’s naïve response is endearing, the reformer is used as a prop designed to demonstrate as a rift between the two differing economical classes portrayed in the film.

Peak Pilates was thrilled to be asked to provide the equipment to the production team at Fox Searchlight and is delighted to have taken part in an independent movie that has turned out to be a huge commercial success.

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