Peak Pilates® CEC trainings and workshops are open to Pilates enthusiasts and professionals from all backgrounds.

For those new to Peak Pilate®s, these trainings and workshops are a great way to learn and experience the advantage of our approach. For those already on the Peak Pilates® certification pathway, they fulfill the required continuing education credits needed to maintain certification.

Peak Pilates® offers a variety of workshops, and our menu is ever evolving so we encourage you to visit our website frequently to learn what is new.

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Peak Pilates® requires graduates to complete a minimum of 14 continuing education credits (CECs) every 2 years in order to keep your certification current.


Specialty Workshops
The Peak Pilates® Master Training Team is commitment to continuing education focused on infusing your body, mind and spirit with substance that sustains. Specialty workshops, although open to everyone, are geared towards advancing student knowledge relating to work on the mat, reformer, Cadillac, and other equipment. Additional specialty workshops feature the use of accessories, focus on teaching techniques and provide students with a greater understanding of how to create challenging sessions for their clients.

Evolve CEC Program
Peak Pilates® Evolve CEC Program allows certified instructors to earn CEC's by taking private lessons with Peak Pilates® Teacher Trainers at their facility. Each private lesson counts for ½ CEC with a maximum of 12 lessons for a total of 6 CEC's every two years.
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Other Providers
Peak Pilates® will allow its certified teachers to receive CEC's from attending course work from other Pilates and fitness education providers. Please contact the Education department at 800.925.3674 for more details.

Peak Pilates participates in a number of educational Conferences annually. At these Conferences we offer a wide variety of workshop sessions which offer Continuing Education Credit on various topics including teaching skills, group class choreography, working with special populations – just to name a few. These Conferences offer a convenient way to earn a substantial number of approved Peak continuing educational credit in a short amount of time.
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