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"I have an extensive background in education and I am passionate about education and the art of becoming a teacher. I love the Peak programs because they have created and offer a strong Pedagogy of Pilates. Their curriculum has clear objectives, lesson plans, syllabus and measurable outcomes. The Peak courses include all avenues of learning including lectures, discussions, drills, written materials, demonstrations and hands on work. Their courses are laid out and delivered in a systematic, clear and consistent manner. Peak has truly developed a program that successfully brings the art and science of the Pilates Teaching Profession to their students. It’s a teacher’s dream."

– Nancy Hurd, Peak Pilates Regional Representative/Certifying Teacher Trainer, Austin Pilates Barn, Austin, Texas

"When I was approached by a member of the Peak Pilates Development team to be part of the initial education trainer team, I held my response until I was sure that Peak was committed to maintaining and propagating the classical method of Joseph Pilates. I was immediately impressed by the knowledge, experience and depth of the development team. In addition, I was equally impressed they were able to take that and transfer it to the development of a strong educational model that has proved to be very successful. I have been honored to be part of the Peak Pilates Trainer Network since its inception. Peak Pilates has exhibited dedication over the years to consistently present a strong educational program that focuses not only on the correct execution of the exercises but also supplying a template for excellent teaching. The program allows students to excel not just while they are in the programs. They learn and fine tune skills that enable them to continue to grow as teachers and as students in the classical method. This is refreshing and inspiring in a business world where sometimes integrity loses out or falls short in search of the next new thing. I look forward to many years of sharing the Peak Pilates Classical Training."

– Clare Dillon-Palma

"I have been involved with many different teacher training programs in the fitness industry, and specifically in the mind/body area. Peak Pilates Teacher Training System is by far the most comprehensive, clear, concise, and applicable training that I have ever seen. Before I decided to work with Peak Pilates as a Teacher Trainer, I felt that it was important that I experience the training system for myself, as a student. At the time, I had over 20 years experience teaching Pilates, Yoga, and every kind of main-stream fitness class imaginable. The first day of my PPS I training it was evident that Peak Pilates' system was far superior to any training I had ever had in the fitness business...bar none. A formula for successful teaching was threaded through every level, every drill, every exercise; it taught me a better way of teaching, a fool-proof template on which to base my teaching...in everything that I teach, not just Pilates. This training made me a professional; gave me confidence in my skills as an educator, and changed my teaching style forever for the better. It is my honor and privilege that I can now facilitate this education system, helping the new generation of Pilates teachers to raise the bar and create a new standard of excellence in Pilates training."

– Connie Borho, Director, Balance Pilates & Yoga Centers, Bradenton, FL

"Ik vind de workshop Mve een geweldige basis voor de invoering van programma’s met de Peak Pilates MVe Chair in Sports City Fitness Clubs. De inhoud van het materiaal en de manier waarop de trainer de groep leidt zijn geweldig. Ik vond de workshop erg leuk en kan deze van harte aanbevelen aan andere trainers en centra."

– Carmen Rodriquez, Aerobics Coordinator, Sports City Mexico

"De certificering en workshop van MVe waren erg goed en ik denk dat MVe zowel de trainers als onze deelnemers zal helpen."

– Norma Zurita, Fitness Manager, Sports City Mexico

"Ik houd mij nu vijf jaar bezig met Pilates en ik heb het geluk gehad om veel verschillende soorten Pilates-programma’s bij te wonen, maar pas toen ik met Peak begon viel het allemaal op zijn plaats. De instructeurs zijn extreem toegewijd en gepassioneerd over hun werk, wat hen geweldige docenten maakt. Ik kijk uit naar het vervolg met de klassieke Pilates-programma’s. Mijn klanten merken dat ik als instructeur sterker en zekerder ben geworden. Bedankt, Peak!"

– Mary Lyon, Pilates Core, LaGrange, Illinois

"Wij werken nu vijf jaar met Peak Pilates en we zijn blij dat we als onderdeel van de Peak-familie worden gezien. We hebben de kans gekregen om de geweldige kwaliteit van de apparatuur en het verontwikkelde opleidingsprogramma van Peak te ervaren, waardoor wij onze eigen succesvolle Pilatesstudio in Duitsland hebben kunnen opzetten. "

– Marco and Susan Colijn, Pilates Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany

"Peak heeft zo veel voor mij gedaan. Pilates is het beste dat ik ooit in mijn leven heb gedaan. Peak Pilates heeft mijn leven veranderd."

– Colin Henry, Peak Pilates Advanced Mat Instructor, Scotland

"Iedereen bedankt die onze Pilatestraining tot zo’n geweldige ervaring heeft gemaakt. Als we terugkijken op wat we allemaal bereikt hebben, wordt duidelijk dat we met het volgen van deze cursus nooit iets te verliezen hebben gehad. De dynamiek die er in onze groep was is er niet altijd en het was dan ook een plezier om jullie allemaal te leren kennen."

– Lisa Miller, PPS-II Certified Instructor, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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