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Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. It is not something that randomly happens to you; it is something that you make happen.

In the last article we examined the vast scope of Pilates and the many options that are included in that field. We looked at instruction from a perspective of where to teach and what to specialize in, how to create a unique identity for yourself, as well as the career paths that lie beyond teaching in terms of management and education. Now learn how to take your career even further and make your dreams come true with guidance from Peak Pilates® Master Instructor Zoey Trap, MS.

Mad Dogg Athletics, parent company of Peak Pilates®, Spinning®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball® participates in the MyCAA program, which is a career development and employment assistance program helping military spouses pursue necessary certifications or certificates of training from approved schools to obtain gainful employment in high-demand, high-growth portable career fields and occupations. This means that eligible military spouses can embark on the Peak Pilates instructor pathway with up to a $4,000 education benefit provided. It is a component of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program. Get more information about how to pursue your career development with Peak Pilates, or any of our other Mad Dogg brands.

Strengthen your mind, challenge your body and expand your personal and professional practice with more than 30 Pilates-focused sessions at WSSC in Miami, FL on May 31 - June 2, 2013. Learn from top Peak Pilates® Master Instructors, network and meet other Pilates professionals, and enhance your teaching, training and business skills all in one fitness-focused weekend.

Take advantage of the new business track sponsored by MINDBODY® with sessions to help you implement effective marketing strategies to grow your business. Add to your Pilates practice with beginner and intermediate Mat certifications available at our pre-conference sessions May 29-30.

Register now to get the best offer – prices will change as we get closer to the event!

Defining You Pilates & Fitness is a boutique studio located in St. Paul, MN that offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. The studio specializes in Pilates, yoga and functional training, offering a variety of services within those categories. Defining You Pilates & Fitness is a place for those interested in maintaining and developing health and wellness in a non-competitive, comfortable environment. They believe Optimal Health is more than just exercise. To achieve complete fitness a person needs exercise, balance of mind and body, sound nutrition and proper wellness care. Defining You Pilates & Fitness recognizes that each individual is unique and works with each client to identify the areas of their life that need fine tuning, and customizing fitness plans for each individual or group. To further help clients achieve optimal health, the studio has developed a partnership with qualified experts in nutrition and wellness care; fully supporting them in their journey to improve their quality of life.



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Visit Peak Pilates® at EMPOWER! in Chicago on March 7-10, 2013 and sign up for our world-class Pilates sessions led by top presenters and instructors. If you are a fitness professional you have the opportunity to expand your experience into Pilates that is perfect for small group or group ex with choreographed movements, music and a high level of accessibility for everyone. Learn more and register today.

Join Peak Pilates at IHRSA on March 19–22, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada and learn more about education and demo the latest equipment. Learn more and register today.


Comprehensive Level I/Module 1
3/1/2013 Ft. Lauderdale

Comprehensive Level I/Module 1
3/14/2013 Bradenton

MVe Chair for Small Group Training
3/7/2013 Rosemont

Peak Pilates Sessions at EMPOWER! Fitness Conference
3/8/2013 Rosemont

Basic Mat
3/9/2013 Rosemont

Comprehensive Level III/Module 1
2/24/2013 Newburyport

Comprehensive Level I/Module 1
2/28/2013 Norwell

Group Reformer Instructor Workshop
3/2/2013 St. Paul

Comprehensive Level I/Module 1
3/8/2013 Ellisville

Comprehensive Level II/Module 1
3/8/2013 Bozeman

Comprehensive Level I/Module 2
2/22/2013 Ennis

Comprehensive Level I/Module 3
3/8/2013 Ennis

Comprehensive Level I/Module 1
3/8/2013 Mississauga

Comprehensive Level I/Module 3
3/1/2013 Wexford

South Carolina
Comprehensive Level I/Module 2
2/22/2013 Greenville

Comprehensive Level II/Module 1
3/1/2013 Greenville

Basic Mat
3/2/2013 Nashville

Comprehensive Level III/Module 2
3/1/2013 Dallas

Comprehensive Level I/Module 3
3/15/2013 Houston

Level I Barrel
2/21/2013 Houston

Level II Barrel
2/22/2013 Houston

Comprehensive Level II/Module 1
2/21/2013 Austin

Comprehensive Level III/Module 1
2/27/2013 Austin

Comprehensive Level I/Module 4
3/1/2013 Centreville



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