June 2012

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De-Stress to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s time to chart a new course away from the much-traveled, never successful path of dieting and deprivation and become your own best nutritionist. It’s been proven again and again that diets do not work and are doomed to failure because deprivation only works for short periods of time. Read on to learn more about the powerful connection between stress and weight loss from Holistic Health and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coach, Lorna Sophocleous, that will help you heighten your awareness of your relationship with food.


Inside Scoop: Summer Time Opportunity for Professional Development

Your professional development as a Pilates teacher is very important to your success. Take advantage of the slower summer months with the wide variety of workshops offered by many Pilates organizations and continuing education professionals to expand your knowledge and skills as a teacher. Read on to learn more about these opportunities that will infuse you with creativity.


The PMA Pilates Certification Program is granted accreditation by the NCCA!

On May 22, 2012, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the PMA Pilates Certification Program for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (formerly the National Organization for Competency Assurance). The NCCA Standards were created in 1977 and updated in 2003 to ensure certification programs adhere to modern standards of practice for the certification industry. PMA Pilates Certification Program joins an elite group of more than 100 organizations representing over 250 programs that have received and maintained NCCA accreditation. The Peak Pilates® comprehensive certification meets the standards and the Pilates training requirements needed to take the PMA exam.


Summer Delights!

Now that it's getting warmer outside, don't let fast food take over your healthy diet just to avoid turning on the stove or oven. Instead, try some of our favorite summer recipes! Cooking can be fun and easy with these delicious recipes from some of our favorite Pinterest followers.


Studio of the Month: Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates in Norwell, MA is a full service Pilates studio teaching the classical Pilates method. The studio offers private, duo, trio and quad sessions on the apparatus as well as group mat classes.

Pure Pilates opened in September of 2005 to bring the classical Pilates method to the South Shore after years of having to travel to Boston, New York and beyond for lessons. Pamela Garcia, Peak Pilates® teacher trainer and owner of Pure Pilates, has been practicing Pilates since 1970. All trainers at Pure Pilates are classically trained with a minimum of 450 hours of training.

It is their mission at Pure Pilates to preserve the original work developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates by staying true to the form.


Peak Pilates® Social Circle

Did you attend WSSC? Don’t forget to tag yourself and check out all of the amazing photos from the event on Facebook! There are many ways that you can stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest! Join the conversation today!


Comprehensive Level I/Mod 4 
7/13/2012 South Scottsdale

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
6/23/2012 Greenwood Village

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2 
7/13/2012 Greenwood Village

Level II Chair
6/29/2012 Avon

Level II Barrel
6/30/2012 Avon

Basic Mat    
7/20/2012 Avon
Comprehensive Level I/Mod 4 
7/20/2012 Avon

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1

7/12/2012 Bradenton

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 3
7/20/2012 Fort Lauderdale

Comprehensive Level II/Mod 2

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 4


7/26/2012 Norwell

Level I Chair
6/30/2012 Eden Prairie

Level I Barrel
7/1/2012 Eden Prairie

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
7/13/2012 Eden Prairie

Basic Mat   
7/7/2012 Independence

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 4

6/29/2012 Ennis

Level I Chair
6/29/2012 Bozeman

Level I Barrel
6/30/2012 Bozeman

Basic Mat   
7/14/2012 Perrysburg

Level II Chair
6/30/2012 Nashville

Level II Barrel
7/1/2012 Nashville

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
7/27/2012 Nashville

Level II Chair
6/23/2012 Austin

Level II Barrel
6/24/2012 Austin

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 4
7/6/2012 Dallas

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
7/13/2012 Dallas

7/14/2012 Houston

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
7/20/2012 El Paso

7/27/2012 Dallas

Level I Chair 
6/30/2012 Centreville

Level I Barrel 
7/1/2012 Centreville

Comprehensive Level II/Mod 1 
7/20/2012 Centreville



Join us at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in San Diego, CA July 5–8, 2012 where you will have the chance to take sessions from Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Pilatesstick®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball®. Learn more and register today.

You don't want to miss the DCAC International Fitness Education Conference August 2–5, 2012 in Washington, D.C. Experience the popular boot camp and circuit workouts featuring the Peak Pilates MVe® Chair, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball. Learn more and register today.

Join us for brand new sessions with top master instructors at Can Fit Pro August 15–19 in Toronto, Canada from Spinning, Peak Pilates, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball. Learn more and register today.

On September 8-9 in Marina del Rey, CA, Mad Dogg Athletics is teaming up with MINDBODY® for the action-packed inaugural MINDBODY FitPro conference that will elevate your classes and business to a new level. Join us for more than 60 continuing education courses for fitness instructors and educators, as well as unique learning opportunities, including roundtable discussions with your peers and NBC’s The Biggest Loser panel discussion with past contestants. Learn more and register today.

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