April 2012

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The Power of Pilates and the Spinning® Program

When you combine the cardiovascular training elements of the Spinning® program and the core, mind/body training elements of Pilates, you get a total-body workout from the inside out. When cyclists add Pilates to their fitness routine, they will become more aware of how their body, comprised of individual parts, functions as a whole. Still find it hard to believe that these two opposite exercise modalities complement each other? Read on to learn how you can combine the Spinning program with Pilates from Spinning instructor and Peak Pilates® Teacher Trainer, Sara Talbert.


Add Cardio to Your Pilates Practice or Studio

More and more Pilates studios are recognizing the benefits of adding cardiovascular training to their Pilates programming. Now you can take advantage of 0%* financing for 12 months on all Spinner® bikes from Mad Dogg Athletics. Drive in new members with core-strengthening and heart-pumping programs that will keep them coming back for more.

To get started, contact sales@maddogg.com or call 310.823.7008.

*Credit approval and minimum $5,000 purchases necessary to qualify. Offer valid in U.S. only.


Learn, Move and Grow with Peak Pilates®

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."

–Joseph Pilates

Take the opportunity, May 31– Jun 3, to be inspired and to inspire others. From the heart of Miami, come experience a variety of Peak Pilates® professional workshops and classes. Whether you are just starting your Pilates journey, or you are looking for creative ideas to enhance your private and group class teaching skills, our line-up will help you learn, move and grow.

Practice and learn from top Peak Pilates teacher trainers from around the world. Choose from a wide range of mat, chair and reformer classes including:

Peak Pilates® Basic Mat Certification
Building Blocks, presented by Steven Burnes
MVe® Power Chair, presented by Kathyrn Cole
Alignment is Everything, presented by Connie Borho
Pilatesstick® Precision, presented by Jodi Sussner
Inner Strength, presented by Kathryn Cole
MVe® from a Deeper Place, presented by Sonia Rodriguez
Creative Pilatesstick®, presented by Connie Borho
MVe® More than Core, presented by Kathryn Cole
Powerful Pilates Fundamentals, presented by Connie Borho
Reformer for Men, presented by Steven Burnes

Join fellow Pilates practitioners, as well as other mind-body and fitness professionals at WSSC.


Studio of the Month: Studio Be

Studio Be Pilates in Fairfax, Virginia opened its doors in February, 2005, with the goal of offering clients a comprehensive Pilates experience in order for them to reach realistic and attainable fitness goals. Studio Be features Peak Pilates® reformers, the Total Workout System, Cadillac, chairs and other apparatus. Studio Be offers private, semi-private, group equipment classes and combo classes, which range from beginner to advanced. The VIP program has been one of the most effective programs at Studio Be since its inception. It includes a discounted price to clients over the age of 65, as well as offers mat, combo and equipment classes geared to the senior population. Instructors focus on strengthening and balance and stay away from flexion. The clients have seen great results, from tackling diabetes, to better dexa-scan results.

In addition, Studio Be offers a variety of mat classes each day, including Mat/Equipment combo and the MELT method. The mat classes have been wait-listed for months, and because of this Studio Be is beginning the process of opening a new studio a few doors down to expand the mat experience for clients. Studio Be will also be adding Barre classes in the new space. The grand opening will be in May.

Studio Be is the proud winner of ‘Best Pilates Studio in Northern Virginia’ by the readers of Northern Virginia Magazine. The studio will be featured in the June 2012 issue.


Peak Pilates® Social Circle

You've probably noticed that the Peak Pilates Facebook page has changed to the new timeline format. Confused yet? Not to worry, here are some of the new features you need to know:

  • The "Like" button is now on the right-hand side underneath the cover photo (the large picture going across the top).
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  • Photos are right underneath the cover photo and next to the custom tabs. In order to see all of the tabs, select the drop down arrow and it will expand.
  • To see all of the page information, click on the "about" box and it will come up.

We hope this helps make navigating the new Peak Pilates Facebook timeline easier for you! If you have any other questions about it, feel free to message us and we will gladly assist you. You are still able to post on our wall and interact with our status updates, so please do so!

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Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2
5/10/12 South Scottsdale

Level II Chair   
5/19/12 Tempe

Level II Barrel   
5/20/12 Tempe

5/4/12 Greenwood Village

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1   
4/27/12 Avon

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2
5/18/12 Avon

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1
2012-04-27 Fort Lauderdale

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 3   
2012-05-10 Bradenton

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1   
2012-05-04 Burr Ridge

2012-05-17 Annapolis

Level II Chair
2012-05-08 Newburyport

Level II Barrel   
2012-05-09 Newburyport

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 3   
2012-05-18 Norwell

Comprehensive Level II/Mod 1   
2012-05-20 Newburyport

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2   
2012-05-18 Troy

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1   
2012-04-27 St. Louis

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2   
2012-05-18 St. Louis

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2   
2012-04-27 Ennis

Level II Chair   
2012-05-11 Ennis

Level II Barrel   
2012-05-12 Ennis

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 1   
2012-05-04 Wexford

Comprehensive Level I/Mod 2   
2012-04-27 Dallas



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You don't want to miss the DCAC International Fitness Education Conference August 2–5, 2012 in Washington, D.C. Experience the popular boot camp and circuit workouts featuring the Peak Pilates MVe® Chair, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball. Learn more and register today.

Join us for brand new sessions with top master instructors at Can Fit Pro August 15–19 in Toronto, Canada from Spinning, Peak Pilates, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball. Learn more and register today.


Kevin Bowen

Learn more from Peak Pilates® Director of Education, Kevin Bowen on the Peak Pilates® Facebook Page. Stay tuned for the new and improved Peak Pilates Community Site next month!


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