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MVe® Chair W/Split-Pedal

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Expand performance capabilities with the MVe Split-Pedal Chair with optional handles. Increase options for working with athletic and therapeutic applications.

Explore advanced concepts as they relate to spring resistance, body awareness, movement dynamics and exercise complexity. Perfect for one-on-one training, duets, group classes and adding challenge to the traditional Pilates repertoire.



100% powder-coated aluminum gives the MVe Fitness Chair an incredibly light and agile frame yet also the strength to support a full range of body types.

Lightweight, sturdy and easily stacked by one person.

Easy-change spring system. Never wrestle with or remove a spring again.

Unique release lever between single and split-pedal to make transition easy.

Wider pedal for an increased arc and range of motion.

Round, cushioned pedal promotes correct biomechanical hand and foot positioning.

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