Sustainable Eco-Friendly Bamboo Equipment
Peak is excited to introduce to the Pilates market, the first-ever ecologically sound and sustainable Pilates equipment. Bamboo is considered to be one of the "greenest" materials available today as it’s classified as a "rapidly renewable material." At Peak we believe that Bamboo not only reflects our concern for the environment, but is one of the hardest and most durable selections we offer. It's unique look and message makes a strong statement for any studio.

  • Bamboo Reformer
    The Peak reformer is one of the finest reformers made today and incorporates all of the critical characteristics of Joseph Pilates’ original design. Peak bamboo reformers are a reflection of craftsmanship, attention to detail and adherence to quality standards that are the hallmark of the Peak bamboo collection.
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  • Bamboo Reformer/Tower Combination Unit
    The Peak bamboo reformer/tower combination nit is engineered to provide all the features of the reformer and most of the features of the Cadillac.
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  • Bamboo Reformer/Full Cadillac Combination Unit
    Beginning with the Peak bamboo reformer as the foundation, the full cadillac combination options expands the capabilities of your Peak bamboo reformer. This combination unit allows for quick conversion.
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  • Bamboo Cadillac
    The Peak cadillac comes in a variety of widths and lengths to suit specific needs and can be custom sized.
  • Bamboo High Ladder Barrel
    Our patent pending design enhances the ease of use, like no other ladder barrel on the market.
  • Bamboo High/Low Combination Chair
    The Peak high/low combination chair is configured so that you can order only the features you need. You can order the entire system or any of the three variations.
  • Wood Finish and Selections
    Environmentally friendly water-based acrylic lacquer is used on all wood surfaces. Our multiple step finishing process provides the look and feel of fine furniture. Progressive coats and hand rubbing ultimately produce a strong, durable, stain and UV resistant finish that holds up to hard use even in the busiest studios. You can choose from two bamboo colors; natural and amber. Decorative inlays complement the corners giving the Peak bamboo Reformers the look of fine furniture.
  • Upholstery
    Our upholstery is combined with premium foam and is pulled by hand to stretch the material firmly. This provides superior support while it resists sagging and adds durability for rigorous studio use. We utilize premium commercial grade vinyl upholstery which has antimicrobial and antibacterial protection while providing an anti-static , anti-slip finish. It is easy to clean and is stain resistant. Every piece is hand stretched to ensure perfect fit and finish. In line with our philosophy of choices, the entire palette of vinyl colors is available at no extra charge. We offer 65 colors to select from.

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