Metal, Stackable Chair, Reformer, Tower/Reformer Combination
Maximum Versatility Exercise, or our MVe® line of metal equipment, is the first Pilates equipment line that pairs high-quality, innovative, stackable equipment with cutting-edge instructor training and expertly designed workouts. It’s the ideal fusion of Pilates and fitness. The MVe line includes:

  • MVe Chair: Portable. Stackable. And a incredible patented design.
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  • MVe Reformer: The only professional height reformer that stacks.
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  • MVe Tower/Reformer Combination: Big flexibility. Plain and simple.
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  • MVe Training Certification: Get your trainers and staff the education they need to add small group equipment classes to your schedule grid.
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Metal, Foldable PeakPilateSystem®
PeakPilateSystem, or our PPS equipment, is the world’s first and only folding combination system. It’s an astounding feat of engineering and is widely considered best in class. The choice of top tier Pilates studios, health clubs and spas worldwide the PPS delivers unparalleled value, performance and convenience.
The only multi-use foldable Pilates piece on the planet, the PPS is very robust but easily folded and moved by one person.

  • PPS Reformer: Is the world’s first and only folding combination system.
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  • PPS Deluxe Model: 3-in-1 foldable feat of technology. Reformer, Cadillac and Mat in one.
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  • Instructor Education from Peak Pilates: Learn to teach through our PPS education series.
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To learn more, contact a Peak Pilates Sales Representative at 800.925.3674.

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