Pilates Professionals and Enthusiasts
Since 1996, Peak Pilates® equipment and education has been the leading choice of Pilates studio owners, instructors, and enthusiasts. From our innovative designed metal equipment to our handcrafted wood and bamboo studio line, Peak Pilates® has become the standard for which all other equipment is measured. Our premier education programs incorporate innovative styles and techniques based in the teachings of Joseph Pilates, with an emphasis on the connection between student and teacher, and you and your path to success.

Fitness Market
Peak Pilates® also offers all inclusive equipment and training packages created specifically for the fitness market combined with ongoing implementation and programming support that makes integrating Pilates into your current schedule simple and effective, as well as allowing you to increase retention and keep valuable member dollars inside your facility.

One Solution Does Not Fit All
The experts at Peak Pilates® will work with you to customize a solution designed to fit your unique business needs and help you launch a non-dues revenue stream. Whether you are incorporating Pilates into your facilities facility or opening a studio we can create an equipment and education packaging for you.

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