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MVe® Chair

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We think we've hit the mark for the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment in the MVe® Chair. With it, we've brought the Pilates chair workout into the mainstream.  it's sleek and metal, stable, stackable (up to 5 high for space saving) and portable. It's ideal for one-on-one training or small group classes. The MVe's revolutionary easy-change spring system has instructors swooning over how easy it is to change spring tension thus increasing flow and dynamism of the workout.

MVe workshops are available as part of Peak Pilates’ top-level education, expert programming, visually rich manuals, DVDs and comprehensive marketing materials. The MVE experience maximized.

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100% powder-coated aluminum gives the MVe® Chair an incredibly light and agile frame yet also the strength to support a full range of body types.

Lightweight, sturdy and easily stacked by one person.

Stack 5 high with a unique nesting design that ensures stability.

Patented easy-change spring system. Never wrestle with or remove a spring again.

Beautiful, durable powder coated open-frame allows unique modifications.

Wider pedal for an increased arc and range of motion.

Wider round cushioned pedal promotes correct biomechanical hand and foot positioning.


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