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Peak Pilates MVe®+Tower System is designed to fit your budget without compromise. This reformer/tower/mat system provides maximum versatility in both features and performance. Purchase the complete 3-in-1 system now or easily add the tower to an MVe Reformer at anytime.

Call (1) 800.925.3674 or email for more information or a quote.

All Inclusive: An exceptional value, a long/short box, non-slip pad, straps and handles are included at no additional cost.

Studio Quality: Standard at the preferred working height of 15.5in, the lightweight, 100% powder-coated aluminum frame is designed for high-use environments.

Maximum Adjustability and Comfort:

The MVe®+Tower comes standard with our exclusive 4 Gear System. The 4 position gear system includes Negative Gear, recommended for training individuals 5′4″ and under. This position brings the carriage closer to the foot bar resulting in greater hip and knee flexion and increased range of motion.

Adjustable, precision-scaled risers allow for 7 different settings of adjustability.

Our 4-position foot bar is equipped with a safety latch and deluxe wraparound cover.

Sculpted, contoured shoulder pads conform to the shoulders ensuring comfort, as well as full support for both reclining and standing positions. Patent pending retractable shoulder rests allow you to perform mat work easily on the carriage surface.

Our nylon ropes are sheath and core construction, attached to the carriage with nautical cam cleats.

Our durable, zinc plates springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks are made of the highest quality music wire. Standard with a 5-spring system: 2 light (blue), 2 medium (yellow), 1 heavy (red).

Exclusive Ultra-glide Tracking System:

Delivering the industry's smoothest, quietest and best-aligned ride, our 8-wheel carriages utilize sealed ball bearings so that no lubrication is required for the life of the wheel.

The positioning of the horizontal tracking wheels are individually adjusted to match the carriage to its respective frame, eliminating free play.

Power-coated aluminum tracks are used to prevent corrosion.

A built in carriage block is located at the end head of the frame to limit carriage travel.

MVe® Limited Warranty:

This product carries a five year limited warranty on the frame structural components, rails and tower extrusions, effective as of the invoice date of the original purchase. See our full warranty info »

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