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Low Chair (Single Pedal)

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The Low Chair has the same functionality as the classic Wunda Chair but without the added benefit of it converting to a sitting chair. When a varied and challenging chair workout is in order to round out your studios offerings for sessions or group classes, this chair is the one to choose.  An excellent value, it comes pre-drilled for handles and can be upgraded to a High/Low Combination Chair at any time. Its single pedal platform is stable and durable.

Peak Pilates® is elevating standards for quality of craftsmanship and durability with the new eco-friendly bamboo option.


22in H x 19 1/2in W x 30in L



Single wall baltic birch construction

Upholstered seat

Traditional single pedal

Solid wood pedal and comfort grip foot pad

Spring post changing system with 2 standard chair springs



Peak Pilates exclusive spring changing system is thoughtfully designed to make spring-changing quick and trouble free. Each spring has a total of three steel attachment points in the rear and two on the pedal, resulting in 24 possible levels of resistance.



We utilize premium Boltaflex®  vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion
resistance and easy cleaning.  The upholstery is finished out to a tee. You will
not see any staples. Standard with black upholstery. Call (1) 800.925.3674 to
order from a palette of 64 custom colors.


We offer a 10 year warranty on the  frame structural components for this product. See our full warranty info »

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