Peak Pilates® Announces the Release of Six New DVDs for MVe® Line

Brand-new DVDs for the MVe Chair and Reformer

Peak Pilates has announced the release of six new workout DVDs specially created to accompany the MVe Chair and Reformer programs. In addition, Peak Pilates has also released the MVe Reformer Instructor Education Level-I DVD, examining in-depth over 100 exercises and is designed as a teacher-trainer tool. Each DVD is taught by a Peak Pilates Master Trainer and utilizes the MVe Chair and Reformer equipment, although the workouts can be done on any reformer and most chairs. Each workout DVD includes an Instructor Teaching Guide with music recommendations, workout variations and detailed exercise lists with modifications, advancements, equipment setup and cueing to guide the instructor through teaching a flowing and fun class.

Each workout sequences together exercises in 50-minute formats set to music, and is anchored with the Peak Pilates Perfect Ten Exercises, providing an excellent and well-balanced framework that allows for mastery of the exercises for instructors and participants alike. Instruction of modifications and variations to accommodate all participants is also included, making these workouts ideal to replicate in a small group class setting.

Chair Titles:

  • Balance and Control Chair (beginner)
    The MVe Balance and Control Fitness Chair Workout was developed for the active aging participant or anyone wanting a lighter workout than the entry-level MVe EveryBody Chair Workout provides. Learn how to use the support, assistance and resistance of the MVe Fitness Chair to build functional strength, stamina, coordination, balance, control and flexibility. Combine familiar chair exercises for this population with the MVe Fitness Chair exercises to give your participants a true fitness edge. This workout requires a set of light hand weights for the upper body strength conditioning exercises and a mat for the ending series on the floor.
  • Latin Fusion (intermediate)
    Let the Latin rhythms move your hips and burn calories for a stronger and leaner body. The MVe Latin Dance Fusion Fitness Chair Workout is designed to raise your heart rate, tone your abdominals and build endurance. Enjoy moving your body to Merengue dance steps as you experience the challenge of the chair.

Reformer Titles:

  • EveryBody (beginner)
    Get your energy in motion with the MVe EveryBody Fitness Reformer workout. This is the ideal entry-level reformer workout designed for every body. Enjoy a combination of beginning Pilates reformer exercises, stretches and postural exercises that will introduce your participants to the benefits of equipment based workouts. From the moment the music begins, your class will experience the synergy of a body working from the core. The springs will provide the resistance and the instructor will provide the focus in order to center body and mind while experiencing a totally new workout.
  • Energize (beginner)
    Kick up your energy level with this hot new MVe Fitness Reformer workout! Feel the beat and move rhythmically through a workout designed to improve not only your flexibility, core strength and body awareness but will also tone up your entire body. Experience how fabulous it feels to move from the inside out, with a sense of ease during exercise that transfers remarkably to daily activities. You will love the results; a lengthened and toned look that can only be achieved through Pilates.
  • Definition (beginner)
    With an exciting fusion of MVe Fitness Reformer and traditional fitness exercises the MVe Definition Workout provides a total body workout! By using the MVe Fitness Reformer spring resistance along with dumb bells, you will define your muscles and create a long, lean, defined and sculpted look. Perfect your ability to work from your core as you challenge your periphery and gain new body awareness and definition. Improve your posture, balance, strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Learn to integrate your Pilates alignment into other techniques, athletic pursuits, practices and daily life.

Reformer/Chair Combination:

Perfect Pair (beginner)
Score a perfect 10 with this workout! The MVe Perfect Pair is a total-body workout that will challenge your core and develop your stamina while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Learn to work with concentration and control to get the results you’re looking for. It’s the perfect introduction to both the MVe Fitness Reformer and Chair in a 50/50 session.

Reformer Instructor Education:

MVe Reformer Instructor Education (DVD and Manual)
The MVe Reformer Instructor Education features a visually rich, comprehensive instructor education manual detailing over 100 hundred exercises in the Level-I program. Includes program guidelines and teaching tools along with detailed exercises pages that provide exercise basics, equipment set-up, and movement essentials, along with tips for modifying the difficulty of the exercises.

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