Prepare for Your Course

The decision to go through a Pilates certification program is a big decision requiring both dedication and focus. We recognize it is an investment in yourself and we want you to have a superb experience. Here are some of our expectations so you can arrive at your course prepared.

Planned preparation allows you to get the most out of your course. Since you are learning to teach Pilates, it is important that you are at least familiar with the exercises which will be covered in your course. The first step on your pathway to become a Peak Pilates professional is of course to register and get your course materials as much in advance as possible and to become familiar with them. Each course has specified pre-course assignments and/or homework assignments which need to be completed prior to your attendance in the course. These assignment will either be sent to you by your Teacher Trainer via email or downloaded into you’re the account that you created when registering for the course. Please be sure to check you email regularly as well as to go back and check you online account by logging in at Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more specific information about your course at

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Peak Pilates®. This is the next step on a wonderful journey!

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