MVe® Split Pedal Chair Training for Pilates Instructors

Half-Day Training

The MVe® Spilt-Pedal Chair and Handle Training is a half-day training that introduces you to exercises that, once mastered, will enhance your ability to challenge clients of all levels. Explore versatility as it relates to equipment, clients' needs and exercise complexity. Experience the exercises and understand the true value of proprioceptive challenges to the traditional exercises and learn new variations. Individual needs and group class application will be addressed. The take home tools and practical work will ensure effective exercise application and programming concepts.

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Course Objectives

  • Learn the History of Contrology / The Pilates Method.
  • Review Pilates chair exercises using the MVe® Split Pedal Chair apparatus.
  • Understand how to integrate the exercise into clients' repertoire

Support Materials

  • MVe® Split Pedal Chair Manual

Assessment: None. A Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon completion of the course.

Continuing Education Credits: 4 Peak Pilates CECs | 1 SPIN® CECs | 3.5 AFAA CECs

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