September 2011
Peak Pilates News
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Ready, Set, Go! It's Back to School Time

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers."  -Edgar W. Howe

It’s back to school time. Alarms are going off earlier, the buses are filling the streets, schedules are resuming and our Pilates clients are returning. Moms are ready to come back to classes and other moms are ready to try something new, like Pilates!

Fall is a great time for new beginnings, new commitments and new opportunities. It is prime time to fill our studios and enhance our businesses. One of the best ways to set up your class schedule for back to school success is to be aware of your neighborhood’s school’s start times. Busy moms have a very small window before picking up their kids again. Having classes that start right after school drop off really meets their needs and will fill up your classes. Working moms like the 6:00am slots so they can work out, get home, get the kids off and get to work. Offering shorter 45-minute classes can also be very appealing. I often have five 45-minute trios right in a row. It is a lot of fun and great mom energy.

I reached out to some of the best sources I know, our Peak Pilates® graduates, to share their ideas about fall, marketing and networking:

What does back to school mean to Performance Pilates?

Cody Robbins and Michelle Haver, Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Trainers and co-owners of Performance Pilates in Sugar Land, TX says:

Time for business!  When the kids go back to school, everyone has more consistency in their lives.  We've been diligent all summer with our e-mail marketing and we've done some creative and fun social media promotion with a local restaurant, creating a Pilates Happy Hour for our existing clients. 

We've also gotten involved with the local Memorial Herman Hospital's "Wellness Wednesday" program. Every Wednesday evening, the Memorial Herman Hospital offers a free class open to the public, such as Zumba®, Pilates, cooking, nutrition, weight loss, etc. One Wednesday a month, we'll be teaching a Mat class at the hospital, putting us in front of around 30 people in the local community. We will be bringing a couple of MVe® Chairs to offer free demonstrations after Mat class. We've also prepared 2-for-1 Mat Class flyers, and introductory private and semi-private packages that provide significant savings, exclusively for those participating in Wellness Wednesday.

Through the hospital, we've reached out to first responders, including fire fighters, police, EMTs and nurses, offering them 40% off Pilates sessions and classes. It's a way to give back to the community and I believe these people would be great sources of referral down the road. 

Performance Pilates is also participating in Groupon® Now! deals. Slightly different than the regular daily deal, Now! deals allow the merchant to post deals for classes at specific times of day and people can buy and redeem the deals that same day. Merchants control how many units are sold and people can redeem the Groupon from their iPhone. When people look at Groupon Now! deals with a nearby zip-code, we are front and center and visible every day.

During the upcoming month we will hear from three other Peak Pilates studio owners/trainers who will share ideas with us on fall marketing. Follow us on the Peak Pilates featured Blog of the Month. Please feel free to join in on the conversation and add your ideas to the blog. Together we can help build the Pilates community and business.

"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." -Vince Lombardi

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