Host a Training

Host a Training

Peak Pilates teacher training courses are held at host sites and education centers throughout the world. Hosting a training is a convenient way to get your instructors trained and certified and also brings recognition to your studio for its affiliation with one of the most esteemed Pilates teacher training programs. Hosting is simple—you provide the space and necessary equipment, and help us to promote the training in your community, and we will take care of the rest. Once we’ve decided on the dates and times, the course will be promoted via our web site, newsletter and e-mail campaigns, and we’ll send in one of our exceptional master instructors to deliver the training.

You can choose from several types of teacher training programs or workshops:
Comprehensive Certification Program

Group Chair or Reformer Program

Continuing Education Workshops


Host Site Benefits

With a minimum of 10 paid attendees per training, you can choose to receive one of the following: a complimentary registration, a cash award or a gift certificate.

 Value of Complimentary RegistrationCash AwardGift Certificate
Comprehensive Certification Modules
2 ½ day workshops
$775 $450 $675
Group Chair or Reformer Training
2-day workshops
$475 $285 $425
  1. • Complimentary registration: Valid for the same training, not a future workshop (course materials included).
  2. • Cash award: Disbursed in the form of a check approximately 45 business days after the training.
  3. • Gift certificate: Valid for purchases at; reformers and large equipment excluded.

Host Site Requirements

Host facilities must be conveniently located and conducive to a learning environment, and must have adequate space and equipment for 10 or more attendees. Additionally, it’s very important to establish a point of contact who will work with the Peak Pilates education team to promote the training within the local community.
View host site equipment requirements (PDF)


Ready to Get Started?

To get started, please decide on the type of training you wish to host and your top three preferred dates, at least 6 weeks in the future. Then, complete the training request form, and we will get in touch with you promptly to finalize the details.

For questions, please send an e-mail to or call 800.925.3674.


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