Space Planning

We help you find the best equipment configurations to maximize your space. Whether you are a Pilates studio with dedicated space or a fitness facility wanting to offer group reformer programming in a multi-use space, we can design a custom floor plan for you.

Example Floor Plan for 600 sq ft Space:

  • 6 Total Workout System or Peak PilateSystem units
  • 2 Split Pedal Low Chairs
  • 1 High Ladder Barrel



Return On Investment and Programming Assistance

We provide you with scenarios that demonstrate the most profitable equipment, staff and programming options for you.

The following is an example of a possible layout in a 600 sq ft dedicated space with two trained instructors and medium volume. Call a Peak Pilates Sales Representative to request a scenario for your facility and learn how profitable Pilates can be for you.


Capital Investment

6 Total Workout Systems
2 Split Pedal Low Chairs
1 High Ladder Barrel
1 Comprehensive Peak PilateSystem Certification
1 Basic and Intermediate Mat Certification
Equipment and Training Investment $38,024


Program Income

Session TypeNumber of SessionsNet Income per week
Privates 25 $1,750
Semi-Privates 5 $450
Equipment Classes** 10 $1,500
Mat Classes 15 $1,350
Total 55 $5,050
Weekly Trainer Fees (40%) -$2,020
Gross Profit $3,030
Gross Profit per year (50 weeks) $151,500
Return on Investment 327%
Type of SessionNumber per ClassCost per PersonTotal per Session
Private Sessions 1 $70 $70
Semi-Privates 2 $45 $90
Equipment** Classes 6 $25 $150
Mat Classes 6 $15 $90

*Does not include shipping. Reflects professional and volume discounts. Does not include education materials. Education cost reflects early registration discount.

**Equipment classes can be reformer, tower, chair or a combination.

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