Our Approach
We live to deliver the very best Pilates instructor education program in the world. Our philosophy is guided by a focus on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through movement. We take the time to show instructor candidates not just what to teach, but how to teach. We focus time and attention on each individual instructor’s journey and style. Peak Pilates instructor education is regarded as one of the world's best instructor educational providers. Learn more about our approach and our philosophy.

Peak Pilates® offers a Comprehensive Certification and a Mat Certification. The Comprehensive Certification is a three-level modular program that is designed to deliver the highest quality authentic Pilates education. It is the foundational level of Pilates professional education which covers the mat, reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and auxiliary equipment.

The Peak Pilates® Mat Certification Program provides a solid foundation in the classical mat exercises, while delivering the tools necessary to progress individual clients and group classes safely and effectively. Our classical Mat Certification is a progressive and systematic three part series —Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and allows you to complete each level at your own pace.

The Peak Pilates® two-day MVe® chair and two-day group reformer instructor workshops are ideal for Pilates and fitness professionals who would like to diversify their Pilates repertoire and teach small group sessions. The workshops provide you with pre-designed group workouts and are supported with comprehensive educational materials, including training manuals, instructional DVDs with choreography, cueing and modifications, and audio downloads featuring Peak Pilates Master Instructors.

Continuing Education
Meeting the highest standards in education, our continuing education programs are developed by Peak Pilates® Master Instructors, professionals in health and fitness and leaders in the field of classical Pilates. Continuing education is important for personal and professional development. Peak Pilates Certified Instructors are required to complete a minimum of 14 continuing education credits (CECs) every 2 years in order to maintain their Peak Pilates certification.

Certification Renewal
Peak Pilates® instructors are required to earn 14 continuing education credits (CECs) and submit a certification renewal fee of $69.95 every two years. There are many ways to earn Peak Pilates CECs.

Global Network
Spanning the globe, speaking over 13 languages, representing 22 countries and more than 53 education centers and distributors around the world, the depth and technical expertise of our Master Instructor team is unmatched. We’re always grateful and amazed at the “common language” Pilates allows us to share with so many worldwide.


Peak Pilates Education FAQ
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