Handcrafted and Custom Built

While we see ourselves as innovators, we also hold true to old-fashion values. We are so confident of the durability of our equipment that we are pleased to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our wood equipment. The difference is in our process:

  • Solid Wood Construction
    Our reformers and combination systems are made of premium hardwood provided by nature. We are the only major manufacturer to use solid wood. The unique characteristics and subtle variations in grain and color are important elements in our designs. Solid wood will not behave like veneered plywood. It is dynamic; it expands and contracts. We have taken this movement into account in both design and function which results in an organic, "living" piece that gains character over time.
  • Finishing Process
    To ensure a satin smooth finish our craftsmen apply up to three sandings and three coats of environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer.
  • Mortise and Tenon Construction
    Far superior to dowel pins or metal fasteners, our method turns out equipment that's crafted like fine furniture and designed to last a lifetime.
  • Attention to Detail
    Our carriages are constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch with hardwood veneers throughout. Shoulder pads conform to ensure full comfort and support for both reclining and standing positions. And our machines are completely finished, top to bottom.

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