Find all Peak Pilates® forms here. Download registration forms for our Ambassador Program, certification renewal and Comprehensive exam.


Ambassador Program [Adobe PDF]
Once you introduce a new customer to Peak Pilates, download and fill out the referral form
You can either fax it to 1-310-823-7408 or e-mail it to us at This form will help us to efficiently track each new referral. When the new customer you have referred to Peak has paid for their order and the order has shipped, your referral check will be mailed directly to you within 30 days. Please encourage the new customer to order quickly, as all orders must ship within 60 days of our receipt of your referral form in order for you to receive commissions due. Referral commissions are awarded on first time purchases only and do not apply to promotional pricing.


Certfication Renewal [Adobe PDF]
Download and fill out this form if it is time to renew your certification. You may either progress into the next level of training in the near future or you will need to submit the 14 required hours to maintain your status as a certified Peak Pilates® graduate. Our Chair and Barrel Workshops and MVe® Instructor Trainings are great options for continuing education. If you do not attend Peak Pilates approved classes for your CECs, you will need to fill out the petition section on the renewal form for course approval. Click here to find Peak Pilates workshops and trainings.

Comprehensive Exam Registration Form [Adobe PDF]
If you have completed PPS-I, II, II and Levels I and II Chair and Barrel or completed all Comprehensive Certification Pathway Levels I-III and you are ready to take the Comprehensive Exam, please download this form to register.

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