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"The MVe Chair has been enthusiastically embraced by our members. Peak Pilates has been integral and fundamental to our success."
– Shoshana Goldstein

The Challenge

JoyMoves, based in Austin, Texas opened for business in June 2006. With three studio rooms and not much else differentiating them from the other fitness studios and health clubs in the area, co-owner Steve Goldstein decided that adding Pilates equipment and education would be the next best step.

"We're in the business of helping people heal through movement. Pilates is a natural and complimentary part of that," he said.

The Solution

Seeking the highest-quality equipment and instructor education for his new studio, Goldstein contacted Peak Pilates. With the help and extensive knowledge of Peak Pilates Regional Teacher Trainer Nancy Hurd, within a few months JoyMoves was offering a full assortment of both Pilates mat and equipment classes.

"We offer private, duet and trio sessions on the reformer for an additional fee," he said. "We also offer about 19 group mat and [MVe] chair classes as part of the general JoyMoves membership per week. That membership allows clients to take as many Pilates, Nia and Yoga classes as they desire for one monthly charge."

JoyMoves currently employs six Pilates trainers, all of whom are required to be Peak Pilates trained.

Since adding Pilates equipment and instructor education by Peak Pilates, JoyMoves has seen an acceleration in membership and overall interest in the practice of Pilates. Most recently, an MVe Chair class was featured during a local news broadcast.

"Our members have enthusiastically embraced our Pilates program," he said. "Oftentimes, members who are taking Pilates at JoyMoves are new to exercise or have been doing other forms of exercise that injured them."

"We have about 200 members take Pilates each week," he said. "Between 50 to 80 of those members take the fee-based private and semi-private sessions while the rest take the group mat and MVe Chair classes."

JoyMoves was recently voted "Best Pilates" in Austin's 2008 CitySearch poll.

North Valley Athletic Club

"We are currently filling all of our MVe classes. Everyone loves the MVe."
– Scott Schofield

The Challenge

North Valley Athletic Club, based in Chico, California, created its equipment based Pilates offering when owner/manager Scott Schofield decided to implement Peak Pilates' MVe program as a way to compete with the competition.

The Solution

While North Valley Athletic Club also offers a variety of traditional group exercise classes, Schofield states that he has seen the greatest success within the MVe program. Because Peak Pilates' complete and structured instructor training is included in the MVe package, Schofield is confident that club members will receive professional, consistent instruction and as a result will have better success in their overall workouts.

By utilizing Peak's predesigned, music-driven MVe classes, participants receive a well-designed, fun and results-oriented workout with each class—no matter what level of training their instructor previously had.

Since launching Peak's MVe program Schofield has witnessed an increase in membership retention. "We are currently filling all of our MVe classes," he said. "Everyone loves the MVe."

North Valley Athletic Club includes MVe classes in full-time membership packages, and recently began offering personal training lessons for an additional fee.

St. Anthony's Carillon Wellness Center

"The MVe has served as a great way to enhance the level of Mind/Body programs available at our facility."
– Kellie Pioch, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

The Challenge

In April 2007, Kellie Pioch, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at St. Anthony's Carillon Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida decided to enhance the level of Mind/Body programs offered at her facilities, and needed an offering to bridge the gap between private training and traditional group fitness classes.

The Solution

Since implementing Peak Pilates' equipment and education nearly one year ago, Pioch has seen a large increase in Pilates participation from a majority of St. Anthony's 3,400 members.

St. Anthony's now offers Peak Pilates programs at all of their three facilities, including classes on the mat, reformer and MVe Chair. Mat classes are offered at no charge, acting as a feeder into fee-based equipment training. Pioch notes that the MVe classes have increased profits as the facilities offer fee-based group and private training on the MVe Chair. In addition, the classes appeal to members that were hesitant to try Pilates in the past and serve as a profitable step in between the mat and reformer programs.

In the future, Pioch plans to implement the combination Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair and Reformer package that features predesigned, music-driven classes in order to offer members an additional option for their Pilates training.

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