Whether you are looking to expand your options or start a new facility, our team of experts will work with you to customize an equipment purchase to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will create a custom floor plan to maximize your space and provide a return on investment scenario demonstrating the most profitable equipment, staff and programming options. Call one of our Peak Pilates® Representatives at 800.925.3674 for your custom return on investment.

  • Peak PilateSystem Foldable Equipment
    Available in two models, the patented Peak PilateSystem is the most versatile piece of portable Pilates equipment you can buy—increasing your programming options and return on investment. Requiring only 30lb of effort, the PPS is easily folded by just one person. There are no removable parts and the units store in ¼ of the space as stackable reformers.
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  • MVe® Stackable Equipment
    If you have not implemented small group classes in your studio or facility you are missing out on a popular and profitable opportunity! Attract new clients and increase participation from existing clients by offering a fun, affordable experience that gets results. With the MVe line of equipment you can easily add classes and recover valuable floor space by stacking the lightweight, yet durable powder-coated aluminium chairs or reformers when you are finished. With minimal investment that pays back quickly you can add a compelling option that your clients will love. Both the MVe Chair and Reformer can be packaged with education in our MVe Total Solutions Program to get started with minimal investment and quick implementation.
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  • MVe® Total Solutions Program
    Combine equipment, on-site instructor education, comprehensive education materials (manuals and DVDs) and expertly designed class formats in one affordable package. In addition, we provide you with access to a wealth of professionally designed marketing materials and an MVe Specialist who provides program launch support and on-going implementation assistance.
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  • Instructor Education
    Whether you are an individual seeking a career change, or a Pilates studio or Fitness center looking to host our programs to increase profit and produce in-demand instructors, we offer something for everybody.
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