MVe® Testimonials

"I can expand my classes now that I have six MVe Chairs. My clients love the chairs and so do I! The MVe is such an improvement from the chairs I have used in the past. It is so easy to adjust the spring tension, so quiet and easy to store out of the way. I feel like I do an infomercial every time I use them! I'm very happy with them!"

– Leslie Brangham, owner/trainer, Just Breathe Pilates, Camarillio, California

"The MVe Chair is a good concept. The class is an opportunity to have clients work out on Pilates “equipment” without having to spend a lot of money for classes. The MVe format is very popular, providing clients with a challenging workout. Clients love the fusion of Pilates with strength training—they train all major muscle groups. Setting the class to music also serves to keep things fun and energized."

– Janet Giovanniello, Body One Pilates Studio, Rye, New Hampshire

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Thanksgiving Info

Mad Dogg Athletics will be closed on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 29, 2014 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Any orders placed after Wednesday 12pm will be processed on Monday December 1, 2014.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

– The Mad Dogg Athletics Team