No matter how left-brain and numbers-focused running a Pilates studio can get, we know what you really do for a living. You inspire others to transform their lives, shaping them from their very core. So from the start we poured our passion into crafting tools worthy of your art.

  • Equipment with Integrity
    Customizing a full line of Pilates equipment that will stay in Peak form for years to come.
  • Progressive Education Programs
    We expose a new generation of teachers to classical Pilates, emphasizing tradition yet always keeping an eye toward progression.
  • Setting a Standard
    Peak Pilates® equipment is sold in more than 45 countries and our education programs are delivered in multiple languages worldwide. And because your art is ever evolving, we’re ever advancing: Our Peak PilateSystem® is the only foldable, multi-use Pilates equipment available. And our MVe® Chair and group class program has the power to give your studio a shot of new energy yet feels right at home in classical studios for private training.
  • Exceeding Expectations
    Since 1996 we have made it our mission to deliver the highest quality products and customer care that Pilates professionals expect and demand. Every year we exceed expectations. Dedicated to raising the bar, we strive above and beyond to deliver services and products that support today’s needs of the growing Pilates industry.

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