Quality. Durability. Innovation.
At Peak Pilates, we are committed to preserving the integrity and genius of Joseph Pilates’ original equipment designs while integrating them with today’s technology. The result is a compatible family of equipment – from classic hand-crafted natural and sustainable woods to a new breed of advanced metal designs. Our equipment delivers enhanced product performance, versatility and safety – and just as important, a superior Pilates workout.

  • Traditional Wood and Sustainable Bamboo
    Whether you are furnishing a studio or fitness facility, our wood studio line and bamboo collection makes a statement. We keep with the classics, exacting our specifications true to those of Joseph Pilates all while keeping an eye toward innovation and sustainability.
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  • Metal Meets The Demand
    Our line of metal equipment includes reformers, chairs, and combination systems that support the growing demand of equipment-based classes in studios and fitness facilities. They are portable, stackable and easy to move and set up, making the addition of Pilates programming in any space a viable option.
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  • It's About the Little Things
    Accessories matter in a great Pilates studio. Peak Pilates offers the most comprehensive variety of pads, pillows, props and fuzzies – all designed to help you do your job better and make your clients more comfortable.
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  • Spice Up Classes
    Add variety and dimension to classes and private training with our complete line of high-quality props including stability balls, tubing, circles, or consider adding bikes to your studio for a cardio component.
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