Turnkey solutions that accelerate your business
We are committed to providing you with a complete set of resources that will build your business: progressive equipment, innovative workout programs and easy implementation guides.

  • Quality Equipment
    Durability. Innovation. From classic equipment to a new breed of technologically-advanced designs, Peak Pilates provides you with the tools you need to take the lead.

  • Progressive Education
    Accessible. Affordable. Peak Pilates Certification Programs are grounded in the classical Pilates method and emphasize how to teach and not just what to teach. These integrated and systematic education programs provide the foundation needed to become a successful instructor.

  • Implementation
    Responsive. Professional. From initial space assessments and workout programs to marketing communication tools and ROI scenarios, we'll provide the extraordinary customer service and business support you need to implement your Pilates plan.

Pilates is more than just our job; it's a way of life
Peak Pilates was founded in 1996, firmly rooted in the professional Pilates community. It has always been important that everyone in the company understand the power of the Pilates Method and experiences it for themselves. For that reason, we have a dedicated on-site studio and employees regularly attend workshops while testing new products and programs. When you call upon us for counsel, you can be assured that you will be working with business people who understand Pilates from every level. We look forward to being of service and to a lasting relationship with you and your business.


Our Customer Care

Have questions? Need advice on what training or product is right for you? Three ways to connect.

  • 1 Email Us Your Product Feedback
  • sales@peakpilates.com
  • We value the feedback we get from our customers. So, suggest away... and let us know what you think.
  • 2 Email Us Your Thoughts and Ideas
  • customerservice@peakpilates.com
  • Your ideas and suggestions keep us learning and growing and producing the best Pilates products and education.
  • 3 Call us at (800)-925-3674 or (303)-998-1531
  • Our customer service representatives are available to take your call.

For information about placing orders outside the United States, please visit the International Ordering page.

Instant answers to frequently asked questions are available by clicking here.

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